“If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.” – Napoleon Hill


Positive Quote: “If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.” –  Napoleon Hill

Not everyone is born to be a king, queen, president, astronaut, or other seemingly ‘great’ title. However, we are able to be who we are and be the best us we can be; by doing so we can help make great things happen.


I have known some people in life who do just enough to get by, who are not motivated to do more or do things better.


I believe that if you are given a task you have to give it your all. It is like you are building your brand, the brand image of you. Do you want to be someone who is seen as competent, motivated, and willing to try new things… or someone who is ok, yet forgettable or blah?


This quote reminds me of my daughter and something that happened earlier this summer. My daughter is 15 and let me tell you she is a teenager. She knows what buttons to push and she keeps me on my toes.


Well, a few weeks ago she was slacking off in her daily chores. We assign her 2 chores a day and she has a day off (Saturday) with no chores. The chores are not complex; things like sweeping the floors, vacuuming the living areas, cooking, washing the dishes, cleaning the kitchen, emptying all the trash… you get the point. Well, she decided to do the bare minimum. When she had to empty the trash, she would not take it outside. When she had to sweep the floors, she would miss all the corners. It was sloppy. So… we fired her. We told her that she no longer had to do chores, which meant a loss of her allowance. We told her why we were firing her; performance issue…. And we told her she had 2 weeks of being fired. If after the 2 weeks and she wanted her “job” back; i.e. her allowance… then she had to interview with us. I mean a full interview where she dressed up in nicer clothes sat in a chair while we asked her questions about why she wanted the job, what value did she bring to the table, etc… She stumbled her way through and we coached her on why some responses were not as good as others. In the end we hired her back, 2 weeks probation (reduced allowance) and then back to normal.


Some may think we went a tad overboard… maybe we did….. our goal was to try to get her to realize that if you have a job or assignment to do, then do it to the best of your abilities; not half ways. So far, it is sticking (fingers crossed).  


What does this quote mean to you?



Have a terrific Thursday.



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