“If you want to succeed, you’ve got to be okay to just lose control.” – Alexis Ohanian


Positive Quote: “If you want to succeed, you’ve got to be okay to just lose control.” – Alexis Ohanian


Happy Friday the 13th everyone.


This quote brought a smile to my face. It has been a very trying week for me personally and this quote helps me continue to understand that I can’t be in control of everything; no matter how much I want to.


I believe that in order for you to really achieve your goals (succeed) you have to let go, lose control. Let others help you. Let others have an active part.


This reminds me of my family and cooking. I won’t say I am the best cook in the world, however I will say I have some menu items that I think I make better than the world. Shy Anyway, my husband, daughter, and I take turns cooking throughout the week. We each take two days and have one day off where we all fend for ourselves or if someone wants to cook they can.


My daughter was making burgers one night and had to touch the raw meat in order to shape it into burgers. I thought I was helping by telling her what spices to use, how hot to make the pan, etc…. To her it was not helping. She gave me the look, you know which one I mean, the teenage look that can shoot flames out of her eyes all while telling you that you are not with the program and she says to me to leave her alone and let her do it her way since it was her night to cook. I huffed and puffed and she says to me that I can cook if I want it done my way. After a second or two of shock… I say no, she can cook it her way and I left the kitchen. A couple of grease splatter burns later, she was serving up her burgers with a side of mac and cheese. Let me tell you, they were wonderful. Now, I let her cook her way and only help if she asks me for it. Going back to the quote, I lost control and my daughter succeeded. She doesn’t cook my way or do the things in a way I would, yet she does it her own way and it works. I tell her that when she goes to college her roommates will love the fact that she can cook for them. I won’t wish away the present though, I still have her at home for a couple more years. 


What do you think about this quote?



Have a great Friday the 13th and let’s all lose control and let others and us succeed.



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