“Everything’s impossible until somebody does it.” – Bruce Wayne


Positive Quote: “Everything’s impossible until somebody does it.” – Bruce Wayne



I came across this quote and I liked it. For those of you who may not know Bruce Wayne is Batman according to DC Comics. For those of you who know me in life, I am a hard core Marvel fan and it pains me to use a DC quote. I’ll have to offset it by finding a good Marvel quote or two.


The thing I like most about this quote is that it reminds me that things may not be impossible, just difficult. There is a way to make things happen.


It also reminds me of shopping, crowds, and malls. I do not like crowds, I avoid malls if I can help it, and I like to shop when I know a lot of people won’t be around. Knowing all of this, one of my favorite times to shop is the day after Christmas. I like to prepare for the next year early. As of today all our Christmas shopping is done except for gifts for the kids. Anyway, knowing that I don’t like crowds, the day after Christmas is nothing but pushing, shoving, and crowds galore. So, I have a plan. I have a mission. I make it happen. I am 4’ 9” tall (yes, tall) and can squeeze in between people and get into aisles where most people would wait impatiently to enter. My approach is to weave my way around people and get what I want, put it in the cart hovering just outside the mass of people and then move on to the next aisle. I do this for a few hours across several stores. BY the time it is said and done, I am tired, ready for a nice drink and home. To me, I made the impossible happen.


What does this quote remind you of?


Have a great Monday and let’s all read some Marvel comics.



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