“If the shopper feels like it was poor service, then it was poor service. We are in the customer perception business.” – Mark Perrault


Positive Quote: “If the shopper feels like it was poor service, then it was poor service. We are in the customer perception business.” – Mark Perrault


Happy Day 4 of National Customer Service Week.


Have you heard the saying “Perception is reality”? Cliché, I know, yet it holds a fiber of truth. If a person perceives that they are being treated poorly, unfairly, or unjustly it colors their whole experience in a negative way.


Early on in my career, I was super sensitive. I felt that I was not smart enough or good enough. This colored my perceptions greatly. If someone said something that could possibly be misconstrued, I did. It made for a very sad and up and down emotional state. I can remember clearly being a minimum wage cashier at a large retailer and my manager made a comment along the lines of did I know something. I took it wrong and thought he was saying that I was not retaining knowledge, that I was slow. Thankfully, for me he saw my facial reaction and stopped and asked me what was wrong. After a minute or two I told him and he stopped, looked at me and said that if he did not see potential in me he would not bother working with me to learn more and that he knew once I learned things that the sky was the limit. He was one of my first business mentors. I soaked it up and took it to heart.


From that day forward, I did my best to see the good in what people were saying or doing. It changed my outlook so much. Over the next 14 months I received 7 promotions and was an Assistant Store Manager (back in those days they called them Zone Managers). It was the start of my career.


Now in that instance, I was not a customer per se; however, that part of my life helps me remember that I don’t know what a customer is experiencing in their life. I don’t know if before they talked to me that they had a fight with someone or that they had something go wrong. That is why I focus on the issue and understanding the why’s of it versus taking it personally. My goal with each customer interaction is to first seek to understand what they really want versus what they say and to treat them with kindness and understanding and not get frustrated. I won’t say it is easy, and I know I sometimes have to remind myself to take deep breathes. However, it is my hope that each person I interact with leaves with a positive view in their minds.


What do you think about this quote?


Have a fabulous Thursday.



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