“Well done is better than well said.” – Benjamin Franklin


Positive Quote: “Well done is better than well said.” – Benjamin Franklin


This is such a simple quote for such a complex thing. Complex in that it is sometimes hard to see behind those that have the talk, yet don’t walk the walk.


Have you ever known someone who…..


  • Had great ideas, yet nothing ever seemed to come from them
  • When given constructive feedback, says they understand and says they will do better, or change their methods… yet when they go back to work, it is like that conversation did not happen
  • Comes up with excuses as to why things are not their fault and that if, only if someone else had done something then they would have succeeded
  • Blames others for their failings, exhibiting more of a victim role
  • Is super smart, understands the hows and whys of things and has the abilities to make successful things happen, yet they don’t have the drive or motivation to do it
  • Is so charismatic, with grand thoughts and opinions… yet when you look, there is not much substance to what they have accomplished


To me, those are the people that I think of when I read this quote.


I’m not implying that someone should not be well spoken, however in my opinion, results are just as important if not more so. Yet to me, results should be attained, however not at the expense of others. There is a balance.


Perhaps that is why after I have accomplished something, I look back and ask myself and maybe others, if there was anything I could have improved on. Or even after one of those heart to heart meetings a leader at times has with their teams…. I’ll ask myself and others if I was too hard, too rigid, or if I demonstrated why the topic was so important.


It is not always easy….. Yet, I continue to focus on this area. I think I probably will… it will help keep me grounded.


What do you think of when you read this quote?


Have a tremendous Tuesday and I hope everyone enjoyed Columbus Day yesterday. I roasted pumpkin seeds while the family did the carving. We have a scary pumpkin and a not so scary pumpkin (a cat face).



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