Positive Quote on how Ray Lewis rocked my world


Positive Quote: “Only a fool trips on what’s behind them.” – Ray Lewis


I was traveling this week from St. Louis to Milwaukee for a meeting, I left St. Louis late Tuesday and I arrived home late in the afternoon on Thursday. Part of my normal routine once I come back from traveling is to spend some time with my family; some quality time over dinner and of course around the television to veg out and relax a bit. One of my favorite shows that we DVR is The Big Bang Theory. I can see so many people in my life that I know that could be stand-ins on the show. One of the features I love about the DVR is that you can fast forward through commercials. Well, last night as we were watching the show a commercial caught my eye. It was for the new Xbox. It had a couple of football players…. I don’t know if they are good ones or not. However, the words that were said had us rewinding and listening again and again. It was Ray Lewis…. When he said that that only a fool trips on what’s behind them……


It really resonated with me…. I had to say the sentence over and over again and even type it on a blank word document.

I mean how do you trip on what’s behind you…… you can only do that if you are looking backwards instead of forward. The thought staggers me…. Of course looking behind and second guessing, doubting, regretting can trip you up….. in such a simple sentence… Ray Lewis rocked my world……


I started asking myself if I am looking backwards or am I truly looking forward….. I am recommitting to looking forward and living life with no regrets.


What do you think of what Ray Lewis so casually mentioned in the new Xbox commercial?


Have a phenomenal Friday and a great weekend.



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