“By the work one knows the workman.” – Jean de la Fontaine

Positive Quote: “By the work one knows the workman.” – Jean de la Fontaine


I could not find a picture I liked for this quote.


The reason I like this quote is because it speaks to me on multiple levels of life. From work to personal and to interactions with people I don’t even know.


The quote has me asking myself….. How am I viewed by my peers, my manager, and my team? How does that compare to how I view myself? Are there huge gaps?

Am I someone who comes to work late, do I make time to talk to others, do I volunteer for extra assignments, do I go out of my comfort zone?


I know that each and every day we all make snap judgments based on what we perceive to see in others.


For example:

  • If we are in the market to buy a house, we judge how the owners take care of it by how they upkeep the yard or by how much clutter and dirt we see
  • If we see a person yelling at a child in a busy grocery store, we judge what kind of parent they are from that one interaction
  • If we see a manager berate an employee in front of others, we judge what type of leader they are


In my opinion there are too many ways we can judge others…sometimes unfairly. It is so very hard to set a good example all the time, we all have not so good days.


However, this quote helps remind me that by my actions, deeds, and work is how people will know me.


What do you think?


Have a wonderful Wednesday.



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