“The art of being wise is the art of knowing what to overlook.” – William James

Positive Quote: “The art of being wise is the art of knowing what to overlook.” – William James


Often times, I can get a tad, I guess you can call it OCD. At home, our DVD collection, spice rack, books on leadership, etc… are all alphabetized. I like binders, file folders, SharePoint sites, excel spreadsheets, and the like. However, I also know and realize that the world is not organized. I like to call it organized chaos.


For me the balance I have found between knowing what to overlook and what to focus on is by asking myself if it is really important and why.


I don’t want to come across as the most organized person in the world, I am not. I do have a junk drawer, all the other books we have (thousands) are not alphabetized, my pantry is very hodge podge…. Yet I am content and happy.


This quote reminds me that there are things in life that can be overlooked. The world will not end if certain things don’t happen.

I guess it helps me give myself permission to overlook things to enjoy life.


On a more business related front, this quote helps me remember overlooking things does not mean approving or accepting the things. It means that it may not be the appropriate time, place, or situation to address a topic.


What do you think about what this quote is saying?


Have a terrific Thursday.



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