“Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm.” – Publilius Syrus

Positive Quote: “Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm.” – Publilius Syrus


Stormy seas are a part of the leadership life. Auto-pilot doesn’t quite work well when it comes to leading people, service delivery to customers, customer service, or anything else when you are part of a service organization. At times it can get to the point where everything is a fire or it seems like you put out one fire and another pops right up somewhere else. Or to use the sea visual, you get through one storm, and before you can get your bearings another storm is upon you.


How do you keep ahold of the helm and keep on the right navigational path?


For me, I take many deep breaths and remind myself that some things are out of my control. I remind myself that I can make a difference. I ask myself if this is something core to my team’s mission. I ask myself if the storm was caused internally and could we have prevented it. Once I know these answers it helps guide me through how to first survive the storm and second to be better equipped in the future. Then I have to communicate, communicate, communicate, with my customers, team, and anyone else who is part of the storm.


Then, when there are the days when the sea is calm, those are the days we celebrate, we remind ourselves of why we are here, the value we bring, and we look to see if there is anything proactive we can do to strengthen for the future.


I find it amazing that the quotes of someone so far back in history, like Publilius Syrus can hold such value in the today.


What do you think?


Have a thoughtful Thursday.



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