“Find out what your gift is and nurture it”- Katy Perry

Positive Quote: “Find out what your gift is and nurture it”- Katy Perry



I have had an extremely busy day today from the get go. My normal ‘planning/blogging’ time in the morning got siphoned off to other deliverables I needed to focus on. I could tell by mid-day that I needed a few minutes to refocus myself.



This quote speaks to me. I won’t say I am a huge Katy Perry fan, yet I think her music is good. I will say that the quote sings out to me.



My gift, what is my gift? How do I nurture it? Does it have to grow or can it stay the same and still be a gift?



From a work perspective, I think a gift I have is my ability and desire to improve areas and build new things. There is no better feeling for me that having something I helped build or something I helped evolve be successful. I also believe I have a gift in my desire to want to help others develop. I love sharing stories, ideas, thoughts, favorite books, and anything that is relevant with others and see them light up from the inside. Another great feeling is when you have mentored someone and they get that promotion or make the decision to pursue their dream… nothing short of amazing.



For me, those are the moments that keep me focused and working towards continual improvement.



What comes to mind when you read the above quote?



Hope everyone had a terrific Thursday.




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