“Useful knowledge is a great support for intuition.” – Charles B. Rogers

Positive Quote: “Useful knowledge is a great support for intuition.” – Charles B. Rogers


Intuition, some call it a hunch, a guess, a gut instinct, a vibe…. I believe in intuition. I also believe you have to be open to it. It can come in waves or in trickles and can surprise you by sneaking up on you. Either way, I do my best to listen when I get that ‘feeling’. I typically stop and ask myself what and why I think something could be off and go from there. Sometimes, you have to step back and let it go.


For example: if my dog is not friendly to someone, yet is friendly to other people…. Is he sensing something I can’t? Or if I decide to drive in to work instead of ride the bus and it turns out my daughter is sick at school and I need to pick her up, thankfully I drove into work.


Some may call these coincidences; I choose to believe they are a form of intuition. Granted, something doesn’t always happen to show why the feeling is there, it doesn’t have to.


I think the best balance is using the intuition with the knowledge one has and making informed decisions. When you step back and look at it, intuition is just another metric, another grain of knowledge, another factor to consider.


What do you think?


Have a tremendous Wednesday.




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