“Don’t wait for things to be perfect before you share them with others. Show early and show often.” – Ed Catmull

Positive Quote: “Don’t wait for things to be perfect before you share them with others. Show early and show often.” – Ed Catmull

Perfection, so far in my life I have not found it when it comes to a business perspective. Waiting for things to be perfect can be long and the ‘right’ time may not come.

The thing I like about this quote is that it reinforces that communicating what you can of what you know can go a long way in having people accept change and be flexible.

For example, when I was working at my former position, I found out close to Christmas in 2011 that my husband was offered a position in Illinois that he was accepting. This meant a future move from NC to IL the coming summer, July timeframe. So, in early January, I went to my boss, and basically gave a 7 month notice. It worked out wonderfully, and I was able to train someone to understand my responsibilities and left on great terms.

Another example is when, at a previous job, we knew that in order to have some disaster recovery abilities we needed to have staff at an alternate location. Knowing the news would cause chaos amongst the team, we tailored the communication. Each month, starting 6-9 months before we knew we were going to start the transition, we started talking to the teams. We went over how our customer base was growing, how we had space concerns at our existing location, how we were looking into other options. By feeding the information flow monthly, once we nailed everything down, we were able to communicate to those potentially impacted and have much less chaos.

I guess it boils down to tailoring the message and delivery to the audience and sharing everything you can and to reinforce the message on multiple occasions.

What does this quote bring to your mind?

Have a great day.


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