Quote around the changing diverse landscape of the US

In lieu of a specific quote, today I am referencing an article I read recently that has stuck with me for a few days….


Some highlights from the article…

• The United States will become a “multicultural nation” in August 2014. This would mean that more than 50% of the US people will be of diverse ethnic origins.
• Other projections focusing only on hispanic origins place the year at 2043 for the US to have more than 50% of people with hispanic origins.
• A quote from Mike Lakusta CEO of EthniFacts whose company is following this trend closely has stated “The U.S. is at a point of transformative demographic change and it’s clear that census projections only tell part of the story,” said EthniFacts CEO Mike Lakusta. “Factoring in intermarriage and the steep growth of multiracial and interethnic households, along with the growing percentage of non-Hispanic whites who are related to and/or cohabitate with people of other races and ethnicities, in addition to close proximity neighborhoods, is a much more accurate way to measure the true breadth and depth of the nation’s economic, cultural and social shift”
• EthinFacts uses something called an IPI (Interethnic Proximity Index) which is a proprietary algorithm that takes into account multiracial populations, intermarried couples, mixed households, and residence location among other factors to provide a truer indicator of multicultural influence

I hope you take a look at the article.

What do you think?

Have a great day!


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