“To teach is to learn twice.” – Joseph Joubert

Positive Quote: “To teach is to learn twice.” – Joseph Joubert

The above quote sounds simple, right? Yet, I have witnessed too many people struggle with wanting to retain knowledge to themselves and not teach and not share.

My personal perspective is that I want to share knowledge with others, so that they can learn and I can grow and continue to progress career wise. Nothing holds a person back more in their career than being the ‘one’ person who knows something. They either pigeon hole themselves or things change and the knowledge can become obsolete. Now, I am not saying people shouldn’t be SME’s (subject matter experts). I am saying that knowledge should be shared and be accessible to more than one person.

Maybe that is why I like documented procedures so much. I use the analogy that ‘what if X won the lottery and quit tomorrow’ what would happen, how would things run smoothly? I have found that this helps me know where my gaps are and what areas to focus on.

On the plus side, it is a great feeling to help someone else learn.

What do you think of this quote?

Have a wonderful Wednesday.



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