“80% of success if showing up.” – Woody Allen

Positive Quote: “80% of success if showing up.” – Woody Allen

This quote reminds me that people may show up physically, yet not mentally or emotionally. Then they wonder why they were not successful. In my opinion, showing up means not just in a physical sense, yet in every sense.

My daughter got her first job this week; she applied on Tuesday, got a phone call to schedule an onsite interview on Thursday, interviewed on Monday and was offered the job. She had orientation yesterday. For a 16 year old, that is a huge milestone. I did my best to give her good advice. What reminded me of the quote is that I told her that if she is on time, she is late. I told her that to make a good impression, she should be early, and this would give her time to get mentally ready to start her shift. I also tried to reinforce that physically being present was not enough, if there were no customers, she should keep busy and do other things that needed doing; in other words, to be an engaged employee.

What do you think of this quote?

Are you engaged?

Are you showing up completely?

Have a wonderful Wednesday.

Kind regards,


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