“If you are coasting, you are backsliding.” – Taylor Swift

Positive Quote: “If you are coasting, you are backsliding.” – Taylor Swift

I can admit that my family is addicted to the Voice. It is one show we all watch together, dvr’ed of course. It is great to be able to fast forward through the never ending commercials. Anyway, this season Taylor Swift is one of the special coaches who is helping all four coaches with their teams. I have never really been a Taylor Swift fan. In fact, I have to admit I don’t feel strongly about her one way or another. However, watching how her mind thinks as she helps coach the singers, it makes me want to hear one of her songs.

She mentioned the above quote on the show earlier this week and it really resonated with me. Imagine, coasting could mean standing still or it could even mean progress at a relaxed pace….yet to truly grow and develop as an individual, it is backsliding. I like that image.

I believe this is going to be a quote I remember for a long time to come.

What do you think of this quote?

Have a wonderful Wednesday.



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