“You never know when you’re making a memory.” – Rickie Lee Jones

Positive Quote: “You never know when you’re making a memory.” – Rickie Lee Jones

Memories can be good, bad, or fleeting. It varies, yet I have found the key in which it will be is the person who is there for the memory; the action, the interaction, the experience. We tend to remember great service or poor service, yet not the in between.

This quote has me asking myself, what kind of memory I am making for when I am not there. In one year, two years, or more will people remember me at all? It reinforces for me that I must be authentic, myself, and fully engaged in each conversation or interaction. That is how memories are made on all sides.

Today is my husband’s birthday…. It makes me think of a memory that I wrote about in July of 2013… about my son, my soon to be husband and a balloon. My son never knew he was making a memory for us that we cherish to this day.

From my prior blog: “I was living in NC at the time and engaged to be married. My children had gotten over the shyness and were completely themselves around my fiancé (yes, truly themselves, fights and all).

Well one day we were having dinner at Red Robin after seeing the circus. After dinner both kids got a balloon from the hostess. My daughter savored hers and kept it with her for awhile. My son, he wanted to let it go into the sky as soon as we left the restaurant and got to the car.

My fiancé and I thought we were helping and tried to get him to keep the balloon. That is until he stopped us cold and said “sometimes you have to let things go to have fun”. It hit on so many levels. In his mind, the fun part wasn’t receiving the balloon (words) or keeping the balloon (actions) it was letting the balloon go and watching it fly up into the sky until you couldn’t see it anymore (feeling). That feeling stuck with him for days and months later he still remembered the joy of seeing the balloon as a dot.”

What do you think of this quote?

Have a marvelous Thursday.


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