In memory of Leelah Alcorn

I wanted to share a topic with you that is not normally at the forefront. It relates to transgender and youth. A teenager, Leelah Alcorn killed herself recently and the more I read, hear, and learn the sadder I become, not just for her but for society, people as a whole. It brought me to tears.

My daughter and a friend of hers were out shopping yesterday and my daughter asked me if I had heard about Leelah. I had not, she then told me what she had heard and knew. She even told me she signed a petition to help promote the topic. Later that evening, my family saw more on the news and read more online. I can’t imagine what Leelah must have been going through and not having a strong base of support for who she was.

I tell my daughter often that I love her for her and she can be anything and I would love her the same. In fact, for a whole year my daughter changed her name and would only respond to a totally different one. I could have been upset, confused, or just said no, I am not calling you a name that is not yours….I didn’t, I chose to say ok, I’ll call you what you want and I’ll write a note to your school and teachers so you can be that there too. I believe children need to have the space to learn who they are without judgment.

It is about being supportive. To me love means there are no boundaries; race, religion,sexual orientation, nothing should interfere with love. If it does, is it really love?

Here are a couple of links to the news articles

One thing that stood out to me in one of the articles, was ” More than 50 percent of transgender teens will make at least one suicide attempt before turning 20, according to the Youth Suicide Prevention Program.” Can you imagine the pain someone is feeling to want to end their life?

Thank you for reading this post.

Here is to everyone having an open conversation and working towards a future where no one is treated differently for who they are based on sexuality or anything else. Let us remember Leelah and work towards a better future, the future she envisioned.



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