“The voice is the second face.” – Gerard Bauer

Positive Quote: “The voice is the second face.” – Gerard Bauer

This quote has me thinking. Can you image the voice as a second face? When I think about it in those terms it seems so simple yet valid. The way we speak, our tonal inflection, our volume, our words are presenting the image of who we are to the world. In this day and age most communications I have are over the phone or via email. I could go years talking to someone and never having met them in person. This makes my voice, my words, and the representation of me.

It makes me ask myself….. what image of me in my voice, my tone, my words portraying to others? I don’t know the answer; I hope I do, yet unless I seek feedback I don’t know for sure. I can go forward and recognize that there is power in one’s voice and words and ensure I treat it as such.

What do you think of this quote?

Have a marvelous Thursday and here is to everyone using their voice and words in ways they want to be a reflection of themselves.



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