“You learn something everyday if you pay attention.” – Ray LeBlond

Positive Quote: “You learn something everyday if you pay attention.” – Ray LeBlond

Days come and go, time passes, and we can so easily get caught up in the routine of it all. How often do we stop and pay attention, learn, or even appreciate what is around us? I know that for myself, it is not often enough.

The learning can be something simple, yet meaningful to something that can alter your way of thinking about the world.

For example, the other day I was making dinner and the habit took over, the routine of add this spice, add this vegetable, add x, y, or z. My daughter came to the table and she looked at the food, looked at me, and said “Mom, don’t you know me?” it seems a month ago she had changed and no longer liked a certain food type. In the back of my mind, I vaguely remembered….. yet, it did not make it to the section of my brain where I actively knew and learned it. Another example is more work related….we each have administrivia (as I call it) that we have to accomplish as part of the job. We could easily just rush through it and go on to the next item on our to do list, or we could take time to see what we are doing and how it can leveraged in other ways, to re-use, reinvent, to learn from.

What things do you pay attention to?

What do you think of this quote?

Have a marvelous Tuesday.


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