“The most important single ingredient is the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people” – Theodore Roosevelt

Positive Quote: “The most important single ingredient is the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people” – Theodore Roosevelt


This quote sounds simple, yet is more complex than one would think. Getting along with people does not mean being a ‘yes’ person, nor does it mean agreeing with everyone’s ideas and suggestions. To me, this means treating people with respect, being empathetic, and most importantly listening to what they have to say.


This can be experienced in many ways. For me personally, I try to do this by….


  • Letting someone complete their sentence, rather than talk over them
  • If someone stops by my desk to talk to me, I either stop what I am doing, turn around and face them front on and talk, or I gauge what I am working on and say, absolutely, can you give me 15 minutes to wrap this up and I’ll come by your desk to talk? This sets the expectation and awareness that you will talk and listen, yet enables you to finish if you were in the middle of something.
  • When I disagree, I don’t use words that are emotional triggers, such as ‘what were you thinking’, ‘your idea’, or ‘you don’t know what you are talking about’. Yes, I have been in meetings where people have said this and more.
  • I try to use a person’s name when talking to them, to keep engaged in the conversation.
  • I look to work with others collaborating knowledge, ideas, and expertise.


The opposite, well I think we all have experienced the opposite or been in a meeting with someone who gives the appearance of not being collaborative.


I would also say that if you are meeting your metrics and goals, yet doing so at the expense of others or by creating an environment of negativity, then that is not true success. In those cases, as a manager, those people would not be top performers.


I hope to be viewed by others as supportive, collaborative, and demonstrating a team work mentality. I don’t want to be someone where if I am on a meeting invite, others attending say to themselves ‘I don’t want to meet with her’, ‘she is not helpful’, or ‘why is everything so difficult with her’…..I believe who you are is your brand. You should take care of it and look at how you are being viewed by others.


What do you think of this quote?


Have a marvelous Friday.



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