“The art of being wise is the art of knowing what to overlook.” – William James

Positive Quote: “The art of being wise is the art of knowing what to overlook.” – William James


I like this quote; it reminds me of my teenage daughter.


I think she was about 4 years old when I gave up on picking her clothes. She had her own unique fashion sense and could be in mismatched socks, different color clothes and hair pony tails as wristbands. It went against my thoughts on what was appropriate dress attire. I remember the day, I was trying to get her into a dress and she was not having any of it. There were tears, and not just hers. Then it clicked. I could give her more autonomy while ensuring she was protected from the elements. So, instead of saying ‘wear this’ I told her she had to wear pants and a long sleeve shirt because it was cold outside and let her pick whichever ones she wanted out of that criteria. Once or twice I would have to tell her no, that it was too hot, cold, or something and she had to add, remove, or change clothing. But as to the design choices and colors, that was all her. She hasn’t looked back since. While over the past years her style is evolving, I have learned tolerance and to let her find out who she is. From clothing to hair color to everything in between. I have lost count of the colors her hair has been over the past 3 years alone, from green, to purple, to red, to blond and sometimes combinations of color.


What this has shown me, is that by overlooking the style, color, and design of what she wears, I am able to have a better relationship with my daughter and can choose the battles that are more important to her wellbeing and success as a young adult. While our relationship has its stressful moments, she knows I love her and want her to be happy and healthy in life. As an almost 18 year old, we have a strong commitment and love for each other. She tells me goodbye before she leaves, she calls me if she is running late, and we don’t go to bed without telling each other good night. I will miss her in the fall when she starts the newest chapter in her life, college.


I don’t know if all of this makes me wise, per se….. it does give me peace and happiness. While I gave an example of how this pertains to my home life, it can translate into work life as well. From knowing that people do things differently, and your way may not be the only way. People have unique talents, skills, and levels of understanding.


What do you think of this quote?


Have a marvelous Monday.




“If you would hit the mark, you must aim a little above it.” – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Positive Quote: “If you would hit the mark, you must aim a little above it.” – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


This quote reminds me of goal setting. At the start of each year at work, we typically set goals, performance and development. For me, I believe aiming higher than the goal helps you attain the goal. In my home life, my husband and I set goals as well, from financial to home improvement, to travel plans. Setting goals and aiming for them helps you achieve them. It keeps the goal focused in your mind and not in a drawer or computer folder gathering dust or aging.


This year has started off busy, both at work and at home. My daughter will be starting college in the fall. There is a lot of planning, a lot of forms, a lot of a lot. Yet, having the goals and aiming high is what will help us reach it.


What do you think of this quote?


Have a marvelous Tuesday.