What do you fill your days with?

Positive Quote: “May you live all the days of your life.” – Jonathan Swift


It has been awhile since my last posting. I have been feeling the pull to make time to do this more than I have in the past month. Life has been hectic. My daughter is graduating high school next week. My husband will be traveling to Germany, taking students for a study abroad program next week. We travel to NC, where my daughter will be attending college in the fall in a few weeks, not to mention the regular day to day activities which make up life. Work is challenging, stimulating, fast paced and ever evolving. What a combination.


Perhaps that is why I am pulled to this quote. Living all the days of your life…. to me that signifies making each day count, finding time to make a difference, work towards a goal, laugh and enjoy.


What do you fill your days with?


It also reminds me of the story about the jars, sand, and stones…. It goes something like this…


Say you have a jar and big stones, little pebbles, and sand.

Picture 1 Rock_Jar


If you put in the sand first (which represents the normal day to day stuff), then add the pebbles (the things in life that give it meaning. Then add the bigger rocks (which represent the things in life that give you the most pleasure, you are proud of, and have the lasting memories). As you can see, everything does not fit in the jar.


Picture 2 Rock_Jar


However, if you put the bigger rocks in first, then add the pebbles, and then add the sand. It all fits.

Picture 3 Rock_Jar


The moral of the illustrative story is…. Make time for what matters and is important, the rest falls into place.


What do you think of this quote and this story?


Have a marvelous Friday the 13th.




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