Wisdom and a Temper, the see-saw

Positive Quote: “The growth of wisdom may be gauged accurately by the decline of ill temper.” – Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche


Wisdom, it is a word that to each person can have differing meanings. Now, ill temper, ill temper is something most people agree to look the same.


I like the way the quote sounds. To me it means that as I grow in wisdom, I decrease in temper.


If I put this in perspective of my children, what I was cross about with my oldest, I was not with my youngest. For example, I struggled with my daughter over clothing, I wanted her to go into the world each day well dressed, matching colors, coordination, etc… yet my younger son, at that point I learned to choose my battles and he went out at the same age in mix match styles and in summer wore boots every day. It took me time, yet I did learn that something like that was minor compared to the things that truly mattered, such as safety, etc…


In a work context, I learned very early on that you cannot harm the messenger. Otherwise, the messenger may stop coming to you and you could be have serious issues occur that cannot be prevented early on.


When I look back at the leaders I found to have wisdom, they have something in common. When an issue arose, more often than not, they would phrase their quest for knowledge in a way that reduced blame yet would increase clarity. For example, one person might say “Can you help me understand xyz” or another might say “Tell me how you came to this conclusion”… in each case, if/when I heard those words my inner radar would go up and I knew that the end result would have a much better outcome.


I believe this quote will help me reinforce to myself to grow in wisdom and shrink in temper. While my temper has decreased over the many years of life, there are times I can tell it is there. Those are the times this quote will help me the most.


What do you think of this quote?


Have a great Monday.





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