Draining an Ocean with a Spoon

Positive Quote: “Remember, you can’t drain the ocean with a teaspoon.” – Ignas Bernstein


I find myself feeling lots of different emotions the past few days ever since hearing about the mass shooting at Pulse in Orlando, Florida. Outside of the shooter, there were 49 dead and 53 injured. I can’t seem to comprehend the hate and imagining the huge loss to the world of people who were too young.


The majority of those killed were in their 20’s. They had so much more to offer the world. They were enjoying life and they should have been safe.


We can’t go back and change the past; yet, we can go forward and change the future. This cannot be something we forget about when the news starts reporting on weather, the latest celebrity, or the latest on the upcoming elections. We cannot forget. We have to speak for those that can no longer speak for themselves. There is too much violence and I do not want the country I live in to be known across the world for violence and death.


In regards to this quote, no one person can drain the ocean with a teaspoon. However, if everyone who could vote, who could speak, who has a voice… takes up a teaspoon…. that Ocean would be dry as the desert. Together we make a difference, if we are organized, if we are passionate, if we believe in the future we are asking for. If 3 months down the road, we don’t remember, well… I don’t want to think about that.


My daughter turned 18 last week. In the fall she will be going off to college, in a different state, away from home, meeting new people and maybe, maybe she will go to clubs and dance. I, well, I will worry….there are too many what ifs now that are more possible than not lately. As a parent I want my daughter safe. As a person, I want everyone to be safe… regardless of race, gender, sexuality, nationality, or any other characteristic that makes them who they are.


We are better than this.


My heart goes out to those in pain and suffering. Life is fleeting, the future needs to become better.


I hope peace can come to those who desire it. May the future days pass with progress in the right direction.





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