Mary Tyler Moore on Courage and Failure

Positive Quote: “Take chances, make mistakes. That’s how you grow. Pain nourishes your courage. You have to fail in order to practice being brave.” – Mary Tyler Moore


It has been a little bit since my last quote posting. Life happens.


This quote jumped out at me, not so much because of who said it, more about how it personally resonated with me. Life is about choices, chances, mistakes, things we choose to do and things we choose not to do. Either way, it affects our todays and our tomorrows.


Failure is not pleasant. No one wakes up and tells themselves, I hope I fail today. Yet I do agree that failing and what you do afterwards has the greater impact for the future. If we never failed, would we try as hard?


I want to be a person who grows and becomes a better me. That will take failure, success, and more importantly tenacity and leaving my ego at the door. This would apply to both my home and work life, my authentic self.


I also believe that courage and bravery do not mean doing things alone. One should have a support system in place to be supportive when things don’t quite go as planned; a support system that nurtures and pushes you to be better versus coddling and avoiding the pain of failure. I believe that sometimes being brave means asking for help.


As you can tell, this quote did speak to me and I will be thinking about it for a time to come.


What do you think of this quote?


Have a great Wednesday and hopefully Spring is right around the corner.


Kind regards,



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