What choices do you remember?

Positive Quote: “Some choices we live not only once but a thousand times over, remembering them for the rest of our lives.” – Richard Bach


Choices and memories; I can’t tell you what I ate a month ago on a particular date. Yet, I can tell you about pivotal life events that helped me become who I am today and in most cases, I can see the exact choice I made. If I had made a different choice, I would be a different me. Not all choices are easy and not all choices are good ones. Some choices are the lesser of two negatives and some choices take you into the unknown. Yet, they are choices nonetheless.


This quote has me thinking of my choices, the ones I remember and will continue to remember for years to come.


There was the choice to move across the country at the age of 22/23, single and alone from Texas to North Carolina to work in a career I had little to no experience in…the world of IT.


There are many more examples that are not as big as that one, yet choices just the same.


Choices from where I work to what I read to where I spend my time. Each one has a ripple effect somewhere in my life.


What do you think of this quote? What choices do you remember with clarity?


Have a great day.





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