“The most valuable resource you bring to your work and to your firm is your creativity.”

Positive Quote: “The most valuable resource you bring to your work and to your firm is your creativity.” – Annette Moser-Wellman ‘The Five Faces of Genius’


I think that those who are creative and artistic are amazing. To take something and make a beautiful piece of pottery or paint a picture that evokes emotion or to write a book that pulls a reader into the story where they don’t want to stop reading…. to me, that is artistic creativity.


This quote reminds me that creativity isn’t just about art; it is about our personal soul and what we put of ourselves into our work. Being creative at work doesn’t just mean that you work in marketing or branding or any of those fields. While creativity is needed there, it can also be seen in just about any area of work.


For example, I can remember toiling away to build a one page visual view to demonstrate progress, success, and overall status of an area I was responsible for. That single one page took me many an hour to complete. At the end, it did what I wanted and helped me tell my story for my team, such that I was able to increase headcount and add to staff. Granted, at the time I did not view this as creativity, yet in hindsight, maybe it was.


When I stop and think about it, I don’t know how one can be successful at work without being creative and bringing a piece of yourself to your work.


What do you think of quote?


Have a great day.




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