Trust and conflict, how they work well together

Positive Quote: “When there is trust, conflict becomes nothing but the pursuit of truth, an attempt to find the best possible answer.” – Patrick Lencioni – The Advantage


Trust and conflict, one may wonder how they go together, yet they do and very well. If one has trust then conflict is more about challenging ideas, gaining new insights, and understanding the view of someone else and the reasons behind it. It can lead to new ideas, new strategies, and what may come out of it can be far greater than what went into it by each individual.


I am a firm believer that being able to disagree (respectfully) and voice a differing opinion is what leads to success. If there is not trust, the one does not feel safe in sharing their thoughts.


This reminds me of a time in a prior job where we had panel interviews and candidates could meet with 10-12 people in a given interview, spanning 2-3 different meetings. I was one of three people for my panel interviewing a gentleman for a technology operations position. When the interviews were over, those who were part of the panels, came together to voice our thoughts on moving forward with the candidate. I was the single dissenting voice and did not recommend moving forward with the candidate. If I did not have a level of trust with the other panel interviewers, I would not have been able to voice the reasoning behind my thoughts. They listened and the majority still felt like the candidate would be a good fit. We hired him and thankfully those with whom I aired my thoughts with, had not forgotten them and we were able to quickly address several performance issues that ultimately led to his leaving the company. This situation reinforced for me that once trust is built, we must speak our thoughts and yes, to have conflict, this in turn leads to a stronger team.


Did I hesitate before speaking up, yes, yet ultimately the trust had been built and I did.


I am not saying you should go into every conversation looking for conflict. I am saying that if conflict is raised, do so respectfully and with knowledge that (hopefully) a foundation of trust exists.


What do you think of this quote?


Have a marvelous day.





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