“Life is ten percent what you experience and ninety percent how you respond to it.” – Dorothy M. Neddermeyer

Positive Quote: “Life is ten percent what you experience and ninety percent how you respond to it.” – Dorothy M. Neddermeyer


I love this quote. Our life experiences help shape us into who we are, whether they are good, bad, or in between.

This quote reminds me of my teenage daughter, she is 19 and in another state going to college. This summer she got her first apartment off campus and so many other adult things are going on in her life. She calls it ‘adulting’. As a parent, I want to be there for her and take care of anything that pops up so she doesn’t have to deal with the hard stuff. Yet, being so far away in another state has forced me to provide guidance and let her take the action. It has forced me to let her try to figure it out first and hope that the things I have tried to instill in her took root.

A couple of days ago I get a call from her in the early evening asking me if I was sitting down. For future reference, I informed her that was not a good way to start a conversation unless she wanted me to have a mini heart attack or start worrying. She asked me to call over my husband and then she told us she had been in a wreck. Another car had T-boned her. Not her fault, she was ok, sore but okay. She had done all the ‘right’ things… called the police, taken pictures of the vehicle, not taken blame or tried to diminish the event, and called someone to come be with her while the process was going on. I was very proud of her for handling the situation in a manner that was needed. Yes, she cried, yes she was anxious and scared; it was her first car accident while driving. When she texted me the pictures, I was so glad things were not worse. I gave her all the love and support and motherly input I could from afar and will continue to do so until this gets wrapped up, fixed car, insurance claim, etc…


This leads me to the quote…90% of how you respond is life. While I would rather my daughter not have so many life lessons at such a young age, I am very glad she is responding to it with her style of ‘adulting’ and know this is helping make her a better adult.


As you can tell this quote spoke to me loud and clear. My goal is to be a role model for my daughter and respond to experiences in a manner I would want her to and that make life better and more meaningful.


What do you think of this quote?


Have a great day.




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