Are you on your journey to greatness?

Positive Quote: “You must remain focused on your journey to greatness.” – Les Brown

This quote spoke to me today. Perhaps it is because this is a new year, new goals, and the 2017 goals are reviewed and discussed in some type of performance appraisal conversation.

My mind moves to the next step, next page, and next item to tackle. It is easy to lose sight of the journey and ultimate destination when you are in the day to day. The work doesn’t go away and something new is always around the corner.

Some ways I use to keep focused is to have written down personal goals. These can be both professional and personal. Then about once a quarter, every three months, I pull them out and pick 1-2 action steps I can do to get closer to accomplishing them. This could be something like gaining more knowledge in xyz, attending a seminar, meeting someone in the industry/area I want to improve on, and many other similar type steps. I will say that some quarters I did not make as much progress as I wanted, yet others, I was more diligent in my focus.

You may ask yourself, where will I find the time for this? For me, I realized that I am a morning person and so I know that doing something in the morning will ‘stick’ more and I can take that step.

For me the journey is not just about the end goal destination. It is also about the journey itself. What did I learn reaching the destination? Am I enjoying the journey? If not, maybe I am on the wrong path.

What are some ways you stay focused on goals and the ultimate journey?

Have a great day.



Making mistakes or asking the wrong questions?

Positive Quote: “The most serious mistakes are not being made as a result of wrong answers. The truly dangerous thing is asking the wrong question.” – Peter Drucker


Mistakes, they happen to everyone. In my opinion it is what you do after a mistake that makes the most difference. Mistakes also don’t define you unless you let them.


I agree with this quote in that it is the type of questions one asks that is more critical. For example, if something goes wrong do you ask who caused it or why it happened? Do you seek to locate blame versus root cause? Are people comfortable bringing their mistakes to you?


What do you think of this quote?


Have a great day,



“You must either modify your dreams or magnify your skills.” – Jim Rohn

Positive Quote: “You must either modify your dreams or magnify your skills.” – Jim Rohn


This quote reminds me that dreams are like wisps in the wind, frail and can disappear when we take our attention away. Yet, by magnifying our skills we can solidify our dreams into goals and drive them to reality.


As it is the start of a new year, quite a few people make resolutions; i.e. goals. Have you ever noticed how most of these goals are out of sight and out of mind before springtime?


I too have a New Years goal, actually a joint one with my husband. Yet, we are doing something a little different… we have a chart on our refrigerator that tracks progress on this specific goal each month. So it is staring at us every day, reminding us of our goal and what we want to achieve. Also, we have quarterly touchpoint meetings to discuss not only this goal but other topics associated.


How do you keep a goal in focus to make it more real and less a dream?


Have a great day.